Why I Rescheduled My MRI #covid19

The short version is – I was supposed to have an MRI done this morning (Thursday) but I rescheduled it the day before for May 18th, the next soonest available because they aren’t making many (if any) appointments for upcoming days & weeks due to the virus. I am paranoid about picking up COVID-19 and figured it was safer to reschedule than to risk getting the MRI. Why? I have an immunodeficiency.

The long version is – I have fibromyalgia and neuropathy on a regular basis. The symptoms of each vary and the severity varies throughout the day. I also have endometriosis, CFS/ME, IBS, anxiety, agoraphobia, OCD, and a bunch of other health problems, but for this story, the focus is on those two.

In September 2019 I had a slip and fall accident at a grocery store. This caused pain and issues in my neck, shoulders and shoulder blades and also caused some headaches early on. After physical therapy concluded I had improved 70-75% from where I was after the fall but not 100% back to where I was before it. I took the 75% and accepted it. I just figured it would take extra time for the fibromyalgia and nerves to quiet down from the trauma and it was determined Pain Management couldn’t do much for me, nor could osteopaths. (I did not want pain medication I’d rather tough it out, I am working on losing weight to help with lessening some pain and I am already on a low dose of gabapentin.) I was okay with that. After asking about imaging – in the ER after the fall, at my doctor’s office a few follow ups after the fall – no one thought imaging was worth it. My PT thought it was worth it though, but I couldn’t get imaging out of anyone. The rationale was, I had good range of motion, so I was fine. But the reality is – yes, I have good range of motion – but pain is awful, and neuropathy is worse, and I have severe repercussions from carrying groceries, lifting much of anything and doing repetitive movements.

Fast forward to February 2020. I was done with physical therapy and had the appointment with my doctor that didn’t produce the need for imaging and basically that I was stuck at 70-75%. Two days later I was in a car accident. (Neither of these were my fault … just had to mention it.) Someone running from the police, in a literal chase, came from behind and hit me in a mix between a T bone and a sideswipe. He was trying to go around me on the left while I was turning left. He hit my drivers side door (I was driving) and my drivers side fender, wheel and that whole area. I was shaken up and a mess for a while, but I was keeping myself together pretty well. I figured the extra physical pain from this would subside over the course of a few weeks. I was wrong. I have pretty bad whiplash and after talking to my physical therapist, having had X-rays done at my chiropractic office and being in severe neck pain after my chiropractor appointment, which I followed with some light PT exercises and one gentle sun salutation the next morning, I could barely move my neck it hurt so bad. My PT told me I needed imaging and to fight for it. I fought and finally got it approved a couple weeks ago. They were booked until 3/26 so I took the appt. But with the coronavirus widespread, I wasn’t confident going to get the MRI.

I have an IgG deficiency (immunodeficiency) that runs in my family. It makes me prone to getting things like frequent sinus infections and UTI’s. Or, if you have a cold that is sinus dominant, I am likely to get it. (I have figured out my most common triggers.) So, that, paired with the fact that I don’t build immunity as well as people with normal immune systems, I figured it was best to stay home and wait than possibly pickup something at the hospital. How do I know? I have had my immunology tested a couple times and it comes back deficient, and it does run in my family. Additionally, I had my pneumonia antibodies tested before and after the first pneumonia shot in the series and I did get some antibodies but not all of them. I am grateful for the handful I did pickup though. I did get the flu shot and the second pneumonia shot in the series. But me, like everyone, needs to stay home. My neck, shoulder and nerve problems are the same and honestly, they probably aren’t going anywhere. I just don’t lift stuff; I get help when I need it. I don’t do a ton of computer work (which aggravates it) and I don’t do repetitive movements, yoga or any exercising (including PT exercises). I also was advised to keep my neck out of heat (like showers) as much as possible because it can increase the inflammation in there.

Tonight, I started pondering if I made the right choice in postponing the MRI and I think I did. The neuropathy is just wicked flared right now and is making me question my choice. The appointment isn’t until May 18th. They told me that is the soonest they are scheduling out because of the virus. They also said, in the unlikely event this COVID-19 situation clears up sooner, they will call to get me in sooner. It also begs the question – why didn’t they cancel the appointment I had, because of the virus, when they aren’t having people come in until the middle of May? Despite my current neuropathy symptoms, I think I did make the right call.

You know … the total lack of a brain from SOME people (NOT all people) pisses me off. I don’t understand why some people are still out in groups (especially young folks). We are social distancing for a reason – to flatten the curve. You might be carrying the virus and not have symptoms. And then you can go and pass it on without even knowing it. THIS is why we are social distancing. And I think it is horribly selfish of those who are knowingly unwell with covid-19 symptoms and/or tested positive for this to have went/gone out in public, rode/ride trains, buses, airplanes, went to parties, and more. It royally pisses me off that some few infected people are so selfish and careless to subject others to this. It is so unfair to those who they were around. Use your brain. No one is immune from getting this unless you already had it (Boston.com said we can develop immunity to this after we get it.) But whether you are young or not, whether you are standing in line at a restaurant or whether you are one of hundreds of people at the f**king beach, YOU are just being part of the problem. The virus doesn’t discriminate against age or anything … we can all get this. But to save the lives of those more susceptible to this, and to save the lives of those with health problems, the elderly, those with immune issues, those on immunosuppressants, and those on the front lines at hospitals, ER’s, doctor’s offices, and grocery stores and other essential businesses and to not overwhelm an already overwhelmed medical system – stay the fuck home.

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