Now Is a Great Time to Get Contemplative

With the current pandemic, wanting to share my thoughts, tips, tools, resources and beliefs and also doing homework for a course I am auditing from Coursera called The Science of Well-Being is how this blog re-came to light.

I have experienced some negativity from having a blog in the past but I always kept the export files so the blog could be imported again if I ever felt intuitively inclined to have a blog again. So, I imported all of my posts from my earliest in 2009 to current. With everything going on and coming into alignment I felt the need to get the blog back up and running.

Normally I would be hesitant to post so much in recent days but my homework for the course this week has been to do something each day that utilizes my strengths. My strengths were determined by a survey I took from and this whole thing is part of a big research study (or multiple studies) on psychology, depression, happiness, and more.

My top strengths were: 1. Honesty 2. Love of Learning 3. Creativity 4. Fairness 5. Spirituality 6. Gratitude 7. Perspective and it keeps going until it hits number 25. Over the last week, starting on Tuesday, I have had the pleasure of doing something each day that utilizes one of my strengths and I have been mostly blogging and posting things that are bluntly honest, ring true for me, and help you in some way.

It is hard to write my truth daily because of past experience, but like anything else, over time I will become desensitized.

My honesty tonight is about my homework. I am also sharing with you, this course that you too can audit for free on the science of happiness and also sharing with you the survey you can do to learn your top strengths.

I titled this blog about contemplation because this uncertain time is giving us all a lot to think about:

When the pandemic has lifted and life can resume again – Will you want your life to be the same as it was before the pandemic? Yes or no. And then answer – why yes or why no?

This thought occurred to me after watching one of Deepak Chopra’s IGTV videos. He mentioned how this pandemic is affording us the ability to think about what we want for our lives, in our lives, etc.

So, in that light – Will you want the same job? The same commute? The same salary? Will you want to live in the same city, state, or country? Will you want to go outdoors more and be in nature more often? Will you want to have the same routine you used to have? Will you consume the same amount of takeout or fresh prepared meals as you did before the pandemic? Will you do self-care every day? Will you want to change your day-to-day routine? Will you run around like a nut and watch life pass you by at a million miles per hour or will you choose to slow down, let life happen and be more mindful? These are just some of the questions you might be contemplating.

We are being afforded a rebirth, starting anew, starting a new chapter, if you will. You have the ability to close the door on some chapter(s) of your life and birth new things.

This is something I am contemplating too.

Is there anything you will change once life is restored back to “normal”?

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