Have you ever had something mentioned to you more than once in a day or within a few days? It’s a sign.

Have you ever had something mentioned to you more than once in a day or within a few days? Did you hear this from more than one person? Was that particular thing mentioned a few times all around you? Chances are, you are meant to do or try that thing. Sometimes when we hear about something more than once in a short period of time, our guides are telling us we could benefit from this particular thing. It could be anything – a course, a philosophy, something to work on, a job, a hobby, anything.

Today I was watching Grace & Frankie (one my favorite shows) and it was the episode when Frankie is all about getting back to her roots and living “authentic”. Then I partook in a course today that mentioned finding our authentic self. And to add to it, I heard living authentically again this evening, either while watching something on IG or while watching TV in general.

The important flag here is “living authentically” finding the authentic self within me. I am always up for another challenge so I will be looking within to find my “authentic self”. Sometimes this authentic self gets put on the back burner because of life happenings, social conditioning and conformity, etc. And while doing tonight’s live course it struck a nerve for me.

I grew up fast and around age 13 I assumed the role of taking care of the house, helping keep it clean, doing laundry for everyone, making dinner, helping take care of my sister; and after I was able to drive – getting groceries and running errands too. I didn’t mind. I was helping my father, who ended up a single father. We were all experiencing trauma from around 1999 – 2004. I fell into the role, I took life seriously, I was never one to do much rebelling and still to this day I don’t smoke, drink alcohol or do drugs. My sister makes fun of me because of how “straight edge” I am (her generations lingo) and what I do for work (not readings and spiritual stuff but what I do part time 5 days per week). I didn’t go out much or spend much time with friends. I was more of taking care of things. My junior year and senior year of high school I became a bit more social and had friends but still didn’t go out much. Then when I went off to college; I lived on a substance free floor, I was there to get the degree I was told I had to get and call it a day. I did develop friendships in college but not right away – it wasn’t until later into my first semester that I had friends and hung out. Even then, no drinking, no partying, none of that. It just wasn’t my thing. I did however develop a 3-year plan to graduate early. I would take certain classes and a certain number of credits per semester and pile on the workload so I could graduate with my BA in 3 years instead of 4 years. When my health sucked to the point where I needed surgery again for the endometriosis, I transferred after completing my freshman year of college to one that was more local and in the Brookline area of MA versus central MA. I did have surgery and ended up not missing any school. I also didn’t live there at first – I drove and commuted every day from Everett into Chestnut Hill – something that would make anyone lose their mind. They were redoing Route 9 at the time and I had been stuck in everything from that traffic to Red Sox opening days, Red Sox games, blizzards, runs/walks for charity, etc. some days it would take me 25 minutes to get there or back and other times 2.5-4 hours one way. I had a plan to graduate college early here too, but the credits didn’t all transfer, so it was a 3.5 year plan versus a 3 year plan. I commuted in every day for 2 years and I lived at school for my final semester. I graduated early in that I graduated December 17, 2007 instead of May 2008. The point is – I had a goal and I did it. I didn’t have friends at this school, some acquaintances but I am not really very social. I am INFJ (MBTI personality trait) and the introvert in me sometimes would rather not socialize. I had a mission and I accomplished it. My BA is in Psychology. If I could have done a double major, I would have double majored in psychology and physics, but this school didn’t have a physics major or minor. The point here is – I took this seriously. It wasn’t a fun time, partying, rebelling, etc. I was on a mission. I did actually start reading people intuitively Halloween night of 2007 which was fun for me, but even readings I took seriously.

Thinking about it now and how I assumed the role I needed to around age 13 and the seriousness I had carried me through college and even to now. I do take things seriously. I don’t play much at all and I have trouble relaxing and having fun. But what I realized tonight is I needed to start finding my authentic self again. (Something I am looking forward to.) My roles from back then are over. I have completed all that I needed to do – even to a fault almost. (I did too much for too long and not only did it somewhat negatively impact me, but it impacted others around me that I thought I was helping.)

I had 3 signs today – all in one day – about finding and living my authentic self. So, I will do that.

If you ever receive signs and you are like “oh, THAT again?!” consider looking into it.

Ironically, my therapist sent me another resource article about OCD and I started researching on my own cooling the OCD pitta (hot) mind. I ended up sending her an article too that I wasn’t expecting. It was about how sometimes people with OCD take things too seriously and they are in a loop of responsibility, feeling responsible and heavily weighing on their responsibility. And the treatment for that is actually identifying it and treating it as such. That is what got me thinking about how fast I grew up, how serious I am and have been for decades but when you pair it with finding and living the “authentic self” lights go off.

Have you ever experienced receiving signs like this? You hear of something or see something or someone tells you about something and you experience this more than once and the next thing you know, you are like – what’s up with this?

The one thing I can tell you is – don’t ignore it. It is coming to you for a reason.

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