Checking In, Stress Responses & Card Mini Spread

Checking in with everyone – how are you all doing? We are a couple weeks into this time of quiet, rest, assessment, contemplation, unity, healing, etc. (and also anxiety, stress and uncertainty). How are you feeling now that we have been in this for over a week or two?

Personally, I have found things aligning in big ways to teach me lessons. It isn’t a bad thing by any means. In fact, I feel it is a huge sign of growth that I am at a point in my personal development where I can handle this time of rebirth and transformation. Instead of me not being ready for this, I feel I am slowly but surely fusing if you will.

I am sure you have heard of fight or flight mode (stress response) but did you know there are 2 more? Fight, flight, freeze and fusion. I learned about these during online therapy in 2013. Fight we stay and fight the battle, flight we flee and run, freeze we literally freeze and don’t know what to do and fusion which happens when we accept and blend with the situation and surroundings. I think I am in less fight mode and becoming more in fusion mode.

I drew these cards for a client tonight. Does this mini spread speak to you? Are you drawn to it? What does it mean to you?

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