What are your strengths?

I am taking a course through Coursera.org called “The Science of Well-Being”. It is actually ‘the psychology of happiness’ and has been incredibly insightful and eye opening. I have a psych degree and take courses from time to time. This one I am auditing for free (I don’t get a certificate of completion) but I am learning SO much.

(If you sign up for a course through Coursera and use this link – you get 50% off the course and I get 50% off my next course. Click here if you are interested.)

As part of this current course we were asked to take a bunch of assessments and we are actually part of research overall. We were asked to take a “happiness assessment” to find out our happiness score and well as a character assessment to identify our strengths through VIAcharacter.org (also part research) which is free and you find out what your top strengths are.

Throughout the course we learn about happiness, data and analytics and so much behind the “I’ll be happy when’s…” and thinking certain things will “make us happy” when in fact, they don’t.

I encourage you to take the free character assessment through VIAcharacter.org. It is something that has been helping me the last couple weeks in coping with the current pandemic, giving me ideas on things I can create and share and more.

My top strengths are:

  1. Honesty
  2. Love of learning
  3. Creativity
  4. Fairness
  5. Spirituality
  6. Gratitude
  7. Perspective

(They assess 25 different character traits/strengths. Those are my top 7 of 25.)

And, they are true. Why not take it? I am not getting paid by them, I am not affiliated with them. I am just someone who loves psychology and when I come across anything I find helpful or useful I share it with the intention of it helping other too. VIACharacter.org.

I am also an INFJ according to the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) – another psych assessment but about personality. You can take a quiz online to determine your type. I recommend using 16personalities.com for this one.

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