Getting Started & Acquainted with your Cards

How to get acquainted with your new deck:

  • Open the deck of cards
  • Set an intention, thanking them and your guides for the guidance they will be providing and helping you with. Express gratitude as well.
  • Separate the cards. (They are usually stuck together at first.)
  • Fan out the cards, holding the fan with both hands. Bring the fan of cards to your heart and visualize breathing love and energy into them with your in breath. Then with your out breath, thank them again.
  • Now you can shuffle them and use them.
  • Before doing a reading, make sure you read the guidebook and learn about each card and the spreads available. Also make sure to set an intention or ask the cards and your guides for information, help, or guidance for a specific situation or question. You can also ask to receive information you need to know right now. Then draw cards and do the reading. More on that in the next section.

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