Tips for Choosing or Buying a Deck of Cards

So you are going to buy your first deck of cards.

This can be a very exciting time! It’s your first deck of cards, so you will want to choose a really good one. The guidelines below can also help you choose your next deck of cards, whether they are your second deck or your 30th.

When choosing your first deck of cards, you will want to choose using the following guidelines:

1. Use your intuition:

  • Are you drawn to any of the decks?
  • Is there a deck you can’t stop looking at?
  • Is there a deck you can’t stop reading about, touching, and learning more about?
  • Are you feeling a major “pull” towards a certain deck?
  • Do you feel love, happiness, joy, comfortable, cozy, “at home” with the deck, etc.? Any of these feels lead to a “yes, go for it and buy the deck”.

These are all signs that you are intuitively drawn to a deck.

2. Choose a new deck:

  • There are likely decks out there that are used. Finding a new deck of cards is better.
  • New decks are fresh. They have never been used or even opened yet.
  • When buying used decks, the deck will likely house the energy of its previous owner. You end up having to clear the energy of the used deck, so it will end up having your energy versus the energy of the previous owner.
  • New decks are also awesome because you get to open them, open the plastic covering, take off the inner paper band, separate the cards individually (they are usually stuck together) and you get to breathe your fresh energy into them. Also – they have that new card deck smell.

3. Intuitive cautions:

  • Your intuition will tell you if a card deck isn’t right for you.
  • You may be unsure about buying the deck. This feeling of “unsure” is a sign to skip buying this deck. If you are unsure, don’t buy it.
  • You may get a bad vibe or an unwell feeling in your body or mind when thinking about the deck, holding the deck, holding the cards inside the box, etc. This is a big “don’t buy it” sign. If you feel bad vibes or if you feel gross while in its presence, then don’t get it. Your feelings about the deck are not going to change.
  • There is a small chance you will leave the store without buying any decks. This is fine. You will end up finding the deck for you somewhere else.

​4. Places you can find and buy card decks:

  • Bookstores like Barnes and Noble – look for the “New Age” (sometimes “Occult”) sections of the store.
  • Websites like,, etc. – look under the “New Age”, “Spirituality”, “Inspirational” sections of the website.
  • Spiritual shops & bookstores
  • The cost of a deck ranges from $8-$50 depending on the deck.
  • Phone apps – there are many card decks available for use on your phone. The cost for them is usually less than buying a real deck of cards. You can even get a “free” version of the app which lets you experience half the deck. If you like it then you could buy the rest of the virtual cards.
  • You would choose a deck of virtual cards the same way you would choose a deck of physical cards. The difference between virtual and physical cards is you can do a lot with physical cards, but you are limited in what you can do with virtual ones. Though you can still do readings with both, it is sometimes nicer to have the deck in-hand.

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