Being Ram Dass – His Life is Amazing

I am reading this book and so far it is amazing. The life he lived. And so far I am only about 1/4 the way through but I just find this book impossible to put down. His life is amazing and how he and others were catalysts in the psychology movement – outside of behaviorism – and were catalysts for using psychodelic/psychotropic drugs to induce spiritual and mental wellness is just amazing to me.

I have a deep love for psychology. That is what my degree is in. My hope is to one day get a PhD but for now the BA will do. I take classes online (audit for free) in fields most interesting to me right now – The Psychology of Happiness, Self-Compassion, LovingKindness, Positive Psychology and other holistic modalities if you will, being infused into psychology.

Remember – mental health is part of overall health. And while there is still stigma associated with mental health, it is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed by. I myself have mental health issues and my mental health journey is continuously unfolding. More about that soon.

Update 1/22/21: After finishing the book, I can say for sure that Ram Dass is love and compassion. He made me realize we don’t have to be 100% perfect in our ways in life and to be and live love and compassion for ourselves and others. I love his book and his work. He amazes me.

This made me think about sending love and compassion to people who are negative or who do bad things. I wondered how we do that when the person isn’t love, but negativity and hate. And after consulting people on Reddit in the Buddhism section, and reading some recommended posts and poems, I finally figured out how to do it. It isn’t that we condone what the person does; it is about sending them love and compassion in hopes it will create love and inspire loving change.

I find myself sending love and compassion to anyone and everyone now. And as we speak, I am reading another of his books – Walking Each Other Home.

Check out the book for yourself. Click below:

If you buy the book using my link above, I may earn a small commission on it. The price is the same as if you buy it without my link. You don’t pay a higher price for the commission. But commission helps me keep this blog free of cost to all – which is my overall goal.

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