Common Wisdom – You Are Way More Powerful Than You Think You Are

Many of my clients have received guidance from those on the other side pertaining to their personal power. The message from their guides, angels, fairies and the like, is about focusing in on their personal power. Realizing they are powerful and utilizing their power to help them in life. To realize they deserve the very best that life has to offer and that they have the ability to rise above issues in their life, change their perspective or different aspects of their life.

The message is usually simple – “You are WAY more powerful than you think you are.” And for those reading this, it is likely you need to embrace this part of you. Realize your power within. Everyone has energy and power. When we recognize this within us, we can use it to not only benefit ourselves but others too. Try not to fear your personal power, your inner strength. Try to accept that it is there, send love to it and start utilizing it and recognizing it a little bit each day.

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