Common Wisdom – Those on the Other Side Are Thriving

Almost everyone I know or have provided readings for want to know if someone is okay and thriving on the other side. The answer to this is usually YES.

While the transition to the other side might be perceived differently based on many factors like upbringing, schooling, and what the person knew about death and dying – essentially everyone I have read is okay and doing well.

90% of the time spirits on the other side are happy, doing well, thriving, guiding you and wishing you well and sending you love.

The other 10% of spirits usually don’t want to talk to me, are wondering who the hell I am, or they are worried they left a negative imprint on someone or multiple people while here on earth.

I have tapped into spirits who are wondering why I am bothering them. I have also tapped into spirits who were baffled as to how I was communicating with them. Some just want nothing to do with me.

The spirits of people concerned about negative imprints are usually seeking the forgiveness of someone here on earth. They feel bad for something they did or said in their physical presence and likely left things unresolved. Once we connect and communication is restored, resolution happens and that spirit, along with the physical person, are both content, healed and can move on.

Common Questions –

After a person dies, how long does it take before you (Jess) can connect with them? I haven’t had issues connecting with spirits on the other side. The answer is anytime. The spirit might be going through different phases of the transition process, but ultimately I can reach out to them during any phase.

Can I (the person reading this) connect with spirits and offer resolution to imprints and the like, on my own, without your help or facilitation? Yes. This can be done through thought, prayer, writing, journaling and the like. Simply thinking about a person or spirit on the other side immediately lets them know you are thinking about them. And in doing this, you are giving them permission to hear and listen to what you are saying/thinking. Additionally, you can ask them for a sign that they are okay, or that they forgive you, etc. and you will likely get your sign. Just keep in mind, sometimes it takes time for signs to appear. It might not be immediate.

You can also reach out to the person and ask for signs, help, or just send them love, prayers or thoughts any time. It doesn’t have to be for something special.

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