Common Wisdom – Travel Can Be Very Healing for You

When this card comes up it could be something simple, like the person is going to a nearby town, or that they are going on a big trip somewhere. Either way, no matter how much literal travel is involved, the guides are telling them there is something healing about this trip.

  • The journey to the trip could be healing, clearing or that of starting anew.
  • The trip itself could house a special moment or place where you can get healing done.
  • Something within the travel – like a store, something you buy, or something you experience – will end up being healing to you in some way.

Healing can look like many different things to different people. It is a matter of the experience and the perspective about the experience. The important thing to do is try to notice the hidden blessing, the lesson or the key of what you were meant to do/find/experience when it is presented to you. It is likely you won’t have to seek it out – it is highly likely it will end up finding you.

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