Common Wisdom – Water Is Incredibly Healing for You

Water is incredibly healing.

Often I have clients who get a card or multiple cards that let them know they can benefit from being in or near water.

Water has the ability to help us heal, clear and cleanse our spiritual self (energetically), as well as our physical self. All of the ways we can bring more water into our life can benefit all the bodies we have. – don’t forget, everything is connected.

Ways in which water can be healing:

  • Living near water – like the ocean, a river, brook or lake – can bring us peace and serenity. Not just the sounds the water makes or seeing how it moves, but the feeling in the air. The natural clearing, cleansing and healing properties water brings us, is something we can benefit from simply by living near it. Its energy helps our energy.
  • Being in water – taking a shower, swimming, taking a bath, soaking our feet or other limbs – etc. this benefits us because water washes over us, clears and cleanses energy away from us. Kind of like how after a long day, a nice shower, bath, soak or swim can help us feel lighter – the water is what helps release the day from our energy and cleanses us so we are no longer burdened by the energy we have picked up from stress, or others throughout the day.
  • Drinking water – helps to cleanse us on the inside. It helps nourish and hydrate us. It helps get the bodily fluids moving and helps keep things from drying out. Like all the ways above, drinking water clears, cleanses and heals us.

Water is just very healing overall. Whether you drink it, live near it, or soak in it (or better yet, all 3!) your whole body, mind, emotions and spirit can benefit from being around it more.

Thank you water!

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