Common Wisdom: Don’t Give up 5 Minutes Before the Miracle

It is fairly common for my guides and yours to be like “WAIT! Don’t give up yet!” Almost like they are shouting it from the rooftops.

There is a great reason for why they do this and for why the title is “Don’t give up 5 min before the miracle.

While sometimes it appears nothing is moving or happening in our lives sometimes – the reality is – things are actually moving and aligning behind the scenes from an energetic place.

If the cogs and wheels are moving and energy coming into alignment and the progress bar is at 85% – you would let it keep going ’til it reaches 100%.

The problem is, you may not see it because it isn’t right in front of you; it is energy and something happening behind the scenes.

How do we remedy this? How do you find out where you/your situation are on the progress bar?

Ask your guides for a sign.

The sign is yours to choose – some people choose an animal, some an insect, some a number, some a flower, etc. everyone is different. Choose which is right for you and then wait. The sign might take time to appear. Be patient.

How to ask for a sign:

Asking for a sign would sound/look something like this:

Through thought, prayer or journaling: “Dear guides, please give me a sign so I know things are aligning for _____fill in the blank – situation_____. I want to make sure I am on track and on the right path regarding this. I would like the sign to be ____fill in blank with sign/symbol___. Thank you for all the help; it is truly appreciated. With love and gratitude ____your name____.

If something doesn’t feel right about the situation you are waiting on – consider journaling about it. You might find the situation doesn’t match your true feelings, situation or goals. In that light, you can tell your guides you are shifting your plans to being ______fill in the blank____ and then ask them to help you with the new idea, situation, plan, etc.

Always finish your thoughts, prayers and communications with gratitude and love.

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