Me … also Me

Me … also Me. No filters or make up on either one.

What you see isn’t always the truth of how things are. One is of me feeling half decent, the other is me feeling like I’m dying.

I have a LOT of health issues.

Endometriosis, Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME, IBS, chronic headaches, migraines, neuropathy, neck and shoulder issues from two injuries less than 6 months apart, PTSD-like nightmares, sleep issues, asthma (new), generalized anxiety disorder, OCD, mild depression, agoraphobia, and more.

Most days, you would assume I am “fine” given how I appear to be; but it is just a facade.

I am typically very tired, in some sort of pain, and experiencing issues. While I am aware and moderately accepting of my health challenges, I like to live in a type of denial where I accept them but try not to let them suck me in and take me down the tunnel of despair. I am resilient to the nines and learning more and more coping strategies each day. (Something I hope to share with you as time goes on.)

It is okay to feel like sh*t and live. It is okay to be healthy and happy. There are many variances in between and all around. My goal is to live well because I am only 34 and have only had my health worsen over the last couple decades.

God willing I will live to be 100. I have my sights on menopause in 15-20 years in hopes the endometriosis will take a back seat. In the meantime I will continue pushing forward.

I hope you are all awesome today.
Lots of Love & light

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