Common Wisdom – Pay Attention to the Signs and Symbols Around You

Have you noticed, on more than a couple occasions, one animal, number, insect, etc.? Recently I had a dream of a gorilla. I thought it was odd but then throughout the week I saw Gorilla’s. This is odd because I don’t typically see gorilla’s anywhere. So I looked up the shamanic meaning of gorilla and I feel strongly they are now a spirit animal for me, helping guide me on my journey.

If you asked spirit, guides, God or the universe for a sign and then you see that sign one time, that is your sign! It is awesome and something to really take in.

If you did not ask for a sign and you keep seeing something – an animal, an insect (dragonfly, butterfly, etc.), a number (1111, 111, 222, 2121, etc.) then that is a sign too. Not if you only see it one time, but if you see it more than once. And the more times you see it, the stronger the message is.

This can also be the case with something like a movie, a documentary, a class, a career, hobby, etc. If you see something about it and then you hear something about it and then someone else mentions it to you out of no where, then you might want to check it out, whatever it is.

Try to pay attention to these signs. Ignoring them will likely make them only come on stronger.

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