Love Is Already Within You – Finding It, Using It & Learning Metta

Finding love isn’t as hard as you think it is. – It is already within you.

After reading people for over 13 years and observing people for longer, I noticed people are in a deep search for love.

This is totally understandable. Who doesn’t want to find love?

The biggest thing I have noticed though is that the love we seek has been inside us all along. In essence, we are searching for something that is right here, right in our heart center.

It is by sending ourselves love, that we receive and experience love.

And when we learn to love ourselves, we end up being more open to love from someone else.

I have noticed many people seeking for love and a partner, but they need to see the love within themselves first. Once they are open to loving themselves, then love from another source is possible and more likely to last long-term.

The type of love I recommend you send yourself is different from the love you receive or feel from others. This isn’t the love of a parent, a child, sibling or partner; it is the love of the soul within you, sending love from the heart center (heart chakra) and feeling its compassion, warmth, love and spirit in your own energy and being willing to accept this love from yourself to yourself. And then once you become comfortable sending it to yourself, try sending it to others through thoughts, intentions, prayers and visualizations. (Whichever works for you.) For those who find it hard to send themselves love, pro’s recommend sending love to others first and then yourself – usually through Metta (a form of LovingKindness Buddhist meditation.)

You would recite –

May you be well

May you be happy

May you be safe and protected from harm

May you be free from suffering

From here you can change “you” to “all beings”…

May all beings be well

May all beings be happy

May all beings be safe and protected from harm

May all beings be free from suffering

Then you can go one step further and replace “all beings” with “I”…

May I be well

May I be happy

May I be safe and protected from harm

May I be free from suffering

And from here you can choose which to start with – the I, the You or All Beings. It is up to you.

This is a great way to send yourself and others lovingkindness.

I start my Metta journey by listening to the LovingKindness meditation by UNH here. Then I found Jack Kornfield and Sharon Salzberg.

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