Where I Have Been and Where I am Going

I decided to create a passion project out of turning 35. I will be turning 35 in about 3 weeks.

In some ways I feel like turning 35 is a bigger milestone than 40 will be.

I have been shifting and creating a lot of changes for myself in recent history and to be honest – I am enjoying it.

Did you know we have the ability to transform ourselves, our lives, our thoughts, our mind, our energy and more?

Turning 35 for me feels huge – like a momentous occasion. In a lot of ways I never thought I would get this far. Living with a ton of health issues which seem never ending and having experienced what I did the past all make 35 feel and seem like the milestone it really is.

35 years is a LONG time. Some people reading this might be older than that – my fiance included. And maybe to you 35 seems young, but what were you doing, how were you living at 35? What did the first 35 years look like for you?

Tell me in the comments below and let’s start a conversation about our past, how we have all let go of it and how we are thriving because of it (or in spite of it.)

When you share please try to keep in mind a few things:

  1. Keep it positive, neutral but no negativity.
  2. We all have learned a lot from life and the past has been what helped form who we are now. How has the past shaped your current/present self?
  3. If you are over 35; what words of wisdom would you tell your 35 year old self? If you are under 35; what do you hope for when you do turn 35?

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